Friday, September 14, 2012

To get you started


To get you started, you'll need to get an account on Open-DO forge and join the project Hi-Lite:

- go to and create a new account
- when this is accepted, log in and ask to join project Hi-Lite on
- when this is accepted, clone the git repository:
  git clone --recursive git+ssh://
- note that you can upload your SSH key to avoid typing your password
  each time you access the remote repository (go to MyPage menu, then
  AccountMaitenance, then at the bottom EditKeys)

If you need help with git, don't hesitate to ask. You can also look at this book online: (chapter 2 is enough)

You should restrict your commits to the directory hi-lite/libs/containers/ada which already contains the version of formal containers developed by Claire Dross. If you've not done it yet, you should read the sections 1 and 2 of her paper "Correct Code Containing Containers" ( that explain what is different between these "formal" containers and the usual ones. I propose that you create a sub-directory inside hi-lite/libs/containers/ada for each family of formal containers on which you'll work.


I had already installed gtat gpl and gnat-coll
 gnatls -v

GNATLS GPL 2012 (20120509)
Copyright (C) 1997-2012, Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Source Search Path:

Object Search Path:

Project Search Path:

[panzon@baleada hi-lite]$ 

but I have a doubt cause in the hi-lite/build_instructions.txt (HI-LITE BUILD INSTRUCTIONS FOR ADACORE DEVELOPERS)
on  2.2) I had the same alt-ergo messages

git submodule init
[panzon@baleada hi-lite]$ git submodule update
fatal: Needed a single revision
Unable to find current revision in submodule path 'alt-ergo'

And then on  3) I don't gnat pro and also you didn't said me anything about Ocaml

So that made me think that maybe I'm doing wrong things

by the other hand, I already read the article and I searched some books on my university but we don't have anything about ada 2012, (perhaps no book has been published in 2012
The best book I could find was Programing in Ada 95, Jhon Barnes Addison Wesley
If you have a better reference please let me know.

I don't know what is the .gpr I had to use
or maybe I have to write a new one.

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